Detergent Soap Plant

Rameshwar steel fab achieved a good reputation as a top leading Detergent Cake Machine Exporters and Detergent Soap Plant Supplier in India. For production of either Detergent or Toilet Soaps on the same plant, our Soap making machine like Detergent Cake Machine made of Stainless Steel Material for contact parts with manual handling at every place are recommended so that there is no problem of corruption and corrosion.
We also recommend 2 Plodder Machines, one for Detergent Soap and another for Toilet Soap because it is very difficult to open and clean the Plodder Machine from inside from time to time. Therefore, you will use one Plodder for Detergent Cake and second Plodder for Toilet Soap. The process of manufacturer’s authorized representative two types of soaps will be as under:
A). For Detergent Cake:
* Sigma Mixer Machine – 100 Kg. / Batch.
* Triple Roller Machine.
* Plodder Machine No. 1 – 125mm dia.
* Semi-Automatic Cutting & Stamping Machine.
* Reaper Sealer.
B). For Toilet Soap:
* Triple Roller Machine.
* Sigma Mixer.
* Plodder Machine.
* Foot Operated Stamping Machine.
* Reaper Sealer.
We manufacture hi-tech machinery for producing Detergent Bars. These machines are manufactured with high graded quality ingredients with a production capacity of up to 6 Tons per hour.